A dumping ground by name, a picnic spot in reality

7 Jun

A road made by splitting apart the garbage and a new machine brought for disposal of garbage.

  • A road made by splitting apart the garbage under Solid Waste Management Scheme.
  • Plants of Fertilizer, green coal, interlocking tiles and electricity are being installed.

Kanpur, Jagran correspondent:  The A2Z Company, which is dealing with the disposal of crores of metric tones of garbage lying in Panki Bhausingh under the Solid Waste Management Scheme, has started work now. Under this, a boundary wall is being constructed around the dumping ground and a road is being constructed by splitting apart the dumped garbage of 12 meter height. Moreover, there will be greenery upto 30 meter around the boundary wall.

The CNDS department of Jal Nigam is looking after the work under Solid Waste Management Scheme.  The contract for this has been awarded to the A2Z Company for 7 years. Under this, the company has started the work for constructing boundary wall around the dumping ground.  Boundary wall of four kilometer length has already been constructed whereas the work for constructing boundary wall on six hundred meter is affected as possession has not been given on that stretch.  The company looking after the work has written to KDA and Municipal Corporation for helping it to get the possession.  A road is being constructed by splitting apart the garbage.  Apart from this, machines for producing fertilizer, green coal, interlocking tiles, plastic board and electricity are also being installed.  The nodal officer of Municipal Corporation and municipal health officer Dr. L.K.Tiwari, who is looking after the work under the scheme, informed that this is the first project of its kind in the country. The Project Manager of Jal Nigam R.N. Goel and the Project Manager of the company Atul Vashisht informed that the work for constructing boundary wall and road will be completed before rainy season. Besides, garbage separation work shall also start. In this, 80 percent of garbage shall be used. Rest of the garbage shall be disposed by digging a trench in the four hectare of land in which two feet special soil shall be filled first and then one and half millimeter thick plastic shall be put and then the soil shall again be filled over it and thereafter garbage shall be dumped into it. This trench shall take about seven year to be filled completely. Thereafter, it shall be covered and developed as a park. Besides, a pleasant look of greenery will be created by planting trees and plants upto 30 feet around the boundary wall. Natural medicines will be sprayed to help the villagers of the nearby areas get rid of the flies. The Project Manager informed that the company shall be responsible for collecting garbage from the households and dumping it in the trench. Under this, an amount of Rs. 30 to 50 shall be collected from each household.  In slum areas it will be collected from only those who give it and no pressure shall be used for collecting this charge. He informed that the municipal corporation shall earn Rs. 35 crore annually from it. The company shall incur a cost of Rs. 17 crore in collecting the garbage. The municipal corporation shall make this payment. He informed that 15 percent work has already been completed.

Only drainage and road cleaning left to the municipal corporation: Only drainage and road cleaning work is left to the municipal corporation now.  The corporation, which is already dealing with ramshackle vehicles, shall get relief now.  The Municipal Health Officer Dr. L.K. Tiwari informed that the work of collecting garbage shall be started in 20 wards from the month of July. The ramshackle vehicle shall be done away with after the work of collection garbage from households starts. Besides, the garbage chambers (Kudaghar) shall also be done away with and only containers shall be put in their place.

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