It will be rejuvenation of cities’ footpaths.

7 Jun

New policy will be formed, walking track will be constructed from Collectorate Ghat to Gandhi Ghat: Modi

Patna (H.P.). New Footpath Policy is being framed to improve the condition of footpath in cities. City development department will urgently frame a policy for this. Under this policy, it will essentially be provided for construction of good looking wide footpath on the roadside. Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said these words addressing in the programme organized after entrusting the responsibility of daily primary collection and management of solid garbage of Patna Nagar Nigam to A2Z infrastructure private limited.

Deputy Chief Minister said that construction will be started of two and half kilometer long and 20 feet wide road from Collectorate Ghat to Gandhi Ghat in Patna. Later this scheme will be extended to Gayghat.  In regard of entrusting the responsibility to private company Sh. Modi said that initially this scheme has been started in new capital zone.

While the construction will be with modern equipments for Patna’s nine major roads Belly road, Harding road, Boring Canal road, Exhibition road, Virchand Patel road, Fraser road, Ashok national highway and old Bye Pass Road. He said that no employee will be removed. For cleaning of town this scheme of collection and management of garbage will be started in Bhagalpur, Gaya, Darbhanga, and Muzaffarpur. He said that rain water harvesting scheme will be immediately implemented  for collection of rain water in cities. Polythene bags less than 20 microns will be banned. He has requested the citizens to pay one-time holding tax upto 30th of January, under this scheme 15% discount is also being given.

On this occasion Health Minister Mr. Nand Kishor Yadav said that this type of scheme should also be started in Patna city wards. In this programme MLA of Patna central Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha, Principal Secretary of city development department Mr. Deepak Kumar, Municipal Commissioner Mr. K. Senthil Kumar and Managing Director of A2Z Company Mr. Rajneesh Mehra expressed their opinion.

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