Only from 35 wards, 461 metric ton waste have been lifted

7 Jun

A2Z Company has suitably run the waste management plan

Indore: The Health department of Municipal Corporation prepared a comprehensive waste management plan and implementation of this plan was assigned to A2Z Company. This company has displayed a good performance by lifting 461 metric tone waste from 35 wards and discharged it on the trenching ground.

A2Z Company has been awarded the contract of waste management by the Municipal Corporation, under which the company will have to work on landfill plan. The company has been assigned the contract of converting waste into fertilizer also. According to sources, the Municipal Corporation has assigned the task of waste management from 34 wards to the company.

It is informed that 461 metric ton waste was lifted from the city and discharged on the trenching ground whereas the employees of Municipal Corporation work in total 69 wards and they hardly lift 400 metric ton waste from these wards. Based on this, according to the officials of Health Ministry, A2Z Company’s management is engaged in performing in right manner.

If the company gets all the promised resources from ADB, the company may start working in all 69 wards and it is expected that at least 700 metric ton waste will be discharged from the city, giving way to a cleaner and beautiful city. It is worth noting that all wards of Zone no. 5, 6, 7, 8 and some wards from 2, 3, 4 and 9 are mainly included in 35 wards.

If full privatization is made, the condition of sanitation will be good.

According to the sources, if full privatization of sanitation system in Health departments takes place, the sanitation condition will be in good shape because other Municipal Corporations have gone  high tech where the sanitation system has been assigned to private companies, as a result of which they look clean and beautiful. On the other hand, when the Corporation made plan of privatization, some employees through their leaders indulged into rioting and demonstrations, bringing the plan to a standstill.

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