Waste Management Scheme released from paper

7 Jun

Inspection: Town Health Officers inspected the plant.

Kanpur:- Jagran correspondent

The work on Rs 56 Crore solid waste Management scheme (for dumping of the garbage) has been started, which was moving on papers for 2 years. A high wall is being constructed around a dumping ground built in 46 hectors Bhausingh Panki. The city health officer Mr. N.K. Tiwary said that the responsibility of the project is given to C&DS institution of the water board. From picking up the garbage to dumping process is included in it. It is to be completed by 2009. Currently, the town corporation is dumping the garbage. He inspected the site along with additional town health officer Mr. Pankaj Srivastava. The town health officer said that the high density polythene will be laid after the wall is constructed. To save the under-ground water from pollution the dirty water will be drained out through a centrally laid out pipe. The van will dump the garbage inside it from one side. After a certain height, six inch thick layer of white earth will be laid down. After filling the ground, the plantation will be done here or a  colony will be constructed. Between the ground and the road plantation will be done for a distance of 50 meters

Water Board will be completed the project by 2009.

Plantation will be done around he ground.

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