Compost as well as Electricity from Garbage

1 Jul

Compost as well as Electricity from Garbage

• Door to door garbage collection from 15th August.
• The company will generate 15 megawatt electricity from March

Kanpur, 4th June. People cover their mouth with handkerchief as they see the pile of garbage but A 2 Z Company, working with Municipal Corporation, will convert it into compost as well as generate electricity from the same. The company has installed a project with the cost of Rs. 100 Crore. This will be the first project of its own kind in Asia. The company will start door to door collection of garbage from 15th August. For this purpose, 1500 employees have been deployed in 110 wards. The Managing Director and CEO of A2Z Infrastructure Private Limited Company, Dr Rajnish Mehra, while talking to the reporters in a restaurant at Civil Lines, said that the city produces 1500 MT garbage per day and the company has installed a plant on 46 acre of land in Panki for city’s solid waste disposal. The work of producing bio-compost is in full swing and 200 metric ton compost is produced daily in this plant. This acts as rejuvenator for the farms. The target is to increase production to 300 MT per day by August. Refuse derived fuel which can substitute coal, has high heating power though it is less costly. He told that the work of making bricks and tiles from garbage has commenced from this month. Initially the target is to make 50 ton per day. The company is going to produce plastics granules by recycling plastics from August. Shri Mehra informed that land worth several crore of rupees will be saved through smaller land filled scheme. The government constructs buildings by burying garbage. 20 acre land has been procured for setting up power plant. The work has been started. From 31st August, 2010 15 MW electricity will be generated every day from this plant. Municipal Commissioner, Shri R. Vikram Singh informed that it is a great achievement for the city to have first of this kind plant in Asia. Kanpur will soon figure high on the ranking amongst the clean cities. The CEO of the company, Shri KSB Nair and the Project Manager of Water corporation CNDS, Shri RN Goel were also present on this occasion.


Municipal Commissioner, Shri R. Vikram Singh, Dr. Rajnish Mehra, & Sh RN Goel

One Response to “Compost as well as Electricity from Garbage”

  1. amit kumar saxena July 6, 2010 at 9:47 pm #

    a2z as its name implies ………..
    Nothing too much need to tell abt this company
    Really a company that is result oriented
    Employee are too much dedicated toward his work
    They r unit of a2z
    N they take responsibility….
    Proud to be a2zian

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