14 Jul

Madhya Pradesh

2300 Meters installed and review is under progress

  • The first Indian electricity company;
  • Bagged contract for Hundreds of Crore rupees;
  • Monitoring through Computer Lab;
  • No possibility of tampering with meters;
  • Doing away with botheration of taking monthly reading of meters.

With the aim of tightening the noose over the big power consumers through remote metering, Shri Pankaj Agrawal, then CMD of Eastern region Power Distributing Company assigned two plans coded as D -14 and D-12 to the A2Z Company which had claimed that it would increase the revenue earning of the distributing company to the tune of crores of rupees by checking electricity loss up to 6 percent in 19 circles under Jabalpur, Sagar, Reeva regions, due to which the company bagged the contract of hundreds of Crore rupees.

As per the terms of the tender, the distributing company will provide 15 percent amount in advance to A2Z Company for setting up plant and procuring material and the company will be given an amount of approximately Rs 55 Crore for D-12 and Rs 20 Crore for D-14. The Project Manger, Shri Rohit  Noshahri, informed ‘The Look’ that the company will install ‘Air controller Electronic Meter’ in the establishments of  heavy power consuming customers and the meter will be directly connected with the computer control lab of A2Z company. The A2Z lab will monitor the operations of customers’ meters and report the officers of the concerned district in the cases of minor tampering of the meters. At present, 2300 meters have been installed in the industry establishments in Jabalpur region, out of which 150 in Jabalpur city Mandla, 325 in Damoh, Satna 600 and 150 in Jabalpur rural areas. Before installing these meters, minor technical system including service line of consumer premise was strengthened.

According to Project Manager, Shri Rohit, Eastern region power distributing company will monitor the electricity bills of those consumers who are placed under review for 1-2 months. Though the consumers may get agitated with this activity yet power distributing company has awarded the contract to private companies after testifying their infrastructure in order to prevent revenue and transmission losses. Shri Rohit told that where the revenue loss is 60 percent in the feeders under D-12, the engineers of A2Z company are conducting survey there. The service line, construction etc items will be demarked and will be entered as an input for the software and the computer system will identify the problem, whenever it occurs.

The Project Manager also informed ‘The Look’ that A2Z Company will get rid of the botheration of recording the meter reading every month by the Distributing Company.  As the meters will be directly connected with the computer lab of the company, therefore, A2Z Company will automatically record the readings while sitting in their offices and recording will be completed within a week like telecommunication and mobile network companies.

A2Z Company is working in Jammu and Kashmir and Laddakh area. The Project Manager informed that A2Z Company which is worth of Rs 1000 Crore, has obtained order from Haryana Electricity Board also for reviewing  cases after installing 30 meters currently. In India they have emerged as the first company in the power sector which claims to have reduced the distribution and transmission losses of electricity.  A2Z Company is installing the meters after testing them in a testing centre established in Gujarat and through a testing lab of Eastern region power distributing company. Meters are installed outside the premises of the establishments. Shri Rohit while informing ‘The Look’, said that A2Z is endeavoring itself to lay the meter armed cable. The distributing company will procure the same on the requirement of the company and A2Z Company will get the payment only after the clearance certificates are received from the Field Officers.

A2Z is reviewing in the following areas

Jabalpur East               Panda ki Madhiya                   Bhooteshwar – 2

Ghamapur                   Jabalpur South                                    Kakaganj

Dwarkanagar               Tilwara                                    Shastrichowk

Footatal                       Kalimath                                 Gopalganj

Omati                          Bajriya                                     Katra

Hanumantal                 Pipriya                                     Civil Line

Premsagar                    Thakurgram                             Satna City

Pasiyana                      Amkhera                                 South

Bahorgagh                   Jabalpur North                                    Najeerabad

Chandni Chowk          Adhartal – T                            North

Sadar                           Ranjhi Bazar                           Tikuriya Tola

Hathital                       Bajrang Nagar                        City – 1

Gorakhpur                   Sagar city                                City – 2

Jabalpur West              City 1                                      Emergency

Okhari – 4                    Sadar                                       Krishna Nagar

Right Town                 Dharamshri                              Bagha

Look Hindi Monthly – August 2009 Page No. 24

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