Disposal of plastics that is turning Earth barren

14 Jul

Kanpur, (SNB) Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh will relieve the city from garbage. Not only that, the waste will also be used for making compost, electricity, bricks, tiles, and RDF fuel – an alternative of coal. The plastic which is turning  our earth into barren land will also be utilized by melting it. This information was provided by Shri Rajnish Mehra, Joint Managing Director and CEO of A2Z Infrastructure while talking in a press conference on Friday. The main points of the information given by him are as under-

Manure being produced from Waste

The city accumulates 1500 MT of waste every day. Even 1 ton of waste lying at any place can produce 35 cubic meter of methane gas after decaying. Waste is being used for making compost in Integrated Solid Waste management Plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh.

Waste will generate 15 MW Electricity

The accumulated waste from the city will be used for making RDF fuel, an alternative of coal, by Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant. 15 MW electricity will be generated daily from 350 ton  RDF. This plant will be set up at Panki Bhaosinh by 31st March 2011.

Molded brick to be made from Waste within 20 days

The city produces 200 MT brick and stone waste. To dispose off this waste, remolded bricks as well as tiles will be made from it. The machinery for this purpose has been procured and reached the site and the work of making brick and tiles will start within 20 days.

Relief from Plastic

A unit is being set up in Panki Bhaosingh for disposal of pouches of Pan-Masala and Gutkha and plastic waste. The pouches and plastics will be recycled and used. The plant is likely to commission by 15th August.

Collection of door to door waste will start from 15th August

Collection of door to door waste will start from 15th August. The waste left outside the households will be brought to the plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh. This waste will be utilized by recycling it.

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