Freedom from Garbage

14 Jul

Kanpur Jagran Correspondent: With commencement of the scheme of picking up garbage from door to door, the city will get rid of garbage on Independence Day. With this 250 garbage bins built in the city will be removed and people will get neat and clean roads.

Under Jawahar Lal Nehru National Urban Mission Yojna, Noida’s A2Z infrastructure company has built a dumping ground for garbage disposal at Bhausingh Panki amounting to Rs 56 Crore under solid waste management scheme. This company also has door to door garbage picking scheme for the city. Company’s Chief Executive Officer Rakesh Mehra told that garbage will be picked up from door to door from 15th of August. Company’s Assistant Vice Chairman Omkar Chaturvedi informed that garbage picking will start even during the pilot period in July. For this purpose, Rs 50 from a house and Rs 30 from a shop, will be charged. In slums, it will accept whatsoever the people give. This will accrue an income of Rs 35 to 40 Crore every year to the municipality. Company will charge the amount from the municipality at the rate of per ton.  Garbage bins will be removed and substations will be built in 6 zones where garbage will be collected.

Manure and Greenery from Garbage

A2Z infrastructure company has started making compost from crore of metric ton garbage dumped at Panki Bhau Singh. The work of manufacturing plastic boards from pan masala pouches is also under progress. 46 hectare land situated at Panki Bhau Singh, is also being developed into green area. A boundary wall is being constructed around the dumping ground and 12 meter road will be made cutting across this dumping ground. Plantation will be grown on the un-disposed waste. Green coal, interlocking tiles, and electricity producing machines will also be installed here.  For this purpose 90% garbage will be used. The remaining garbage will be managed by digging pit in 4 hectare of land first and then two feet layer of soil and then one and half mm thick plastic and soil will be used to cover the garbage.

Pledge: Young lady gives message that greenery is the way otherwise town is full of garbage piles and poisonous smokes. In this polluted town, even the Ganges is not safe from getting dirty and garbage burning fire has scorched the trees. Birds sitting on the trees are thinking that when people will have sense.

This will be managed as under

From each house                                     – Rs 50

From each shop                                         – Rs 30

House                                                                – 6, 50,000

Shop                                                                   – 1, 50,000

Small vehicle to be employed         – 450

Big vehicle to be employed              – 200

Substation                                            – 6

Garbage storage that will be removed- 250

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