Jabalpur on top in recovery of arrears worth Rs 16 Crore

14 Jul

Madhya Pradesh                                                                                                       The Look

  • Eastern Region Power Distributing Company, Jabalpur Division;
  • Division’s significant success in revenue collection.

The Superintendent Engineer of Jabalpur city Division, Shri Ajay Pandey informed ‘The Look’ that there is a decrease in the arrears to the tune of Rs 16 Crore from December 2007 to March 2009. At the time of his resuming office, it was informed that that the amount of arrears was Rs 37 Crore. Within a short period of one year of his taking charge, the arrears are estimated at 33 percent. In other words, the company increased the revenue of the company by recovery of Rs one Crore per month from the arrears. The erstwhile officers had piled up the amount of arrears in the city Division, which is still a burden upon the company. The City Division has set a better record by recovery of 104 percent revenue from April 08 to March 09. The City Division is on the top in recovery of arrears at company level. The Look Bureau has found on verification that in many circles the arrears upto Rs 10 Crore has been waived off. Several Officers have been served Show Cause Notices in connection with the arrears recovery and the Superintendent Engineer of the City Division, Shri Ajay Pandey thanks his subordinate staff for extending co-operation and said that the work of daily reviewing of the cases for recovery was done under his supervision and his first priority is to curtail line losses of the city. The Executive Engineer was empowered with the rights of taking legal actions in this regard.

  • A2Z Company has been given a contract to prevent electricity loss in 25 feeders
  • 5 new call center
  • Recovery of Rs. 24.26 Crore in one year

He gives credit to the cooperation and suggestions given by the four Executive Engineers of the city. Shri Pandey admits the possibility of power theft in several power loss areas of Jabalpur city. He says that the power loss will be reduced after power Thanas are established. However, A2Z Company has been awarded the contract of preventing power loss in 25 feeders. The said company will monitor the consumers in different phases in order to prevent power losses. Next course of action in other feeders will be determined after the success in these 25 feeders. The Superintendent Engineer, Shri Pandey told that the power cut should not be made repeatedly but the instructions from Company’s CMD and the department of Energy have been received with regards to tightening the noose round the consumers involved in power theft. The common consumers should avoid the unnecessary consumption of the electricity and should use electricity in domestic use with caution. Shri Pandey emphasized that the number of domestic consumers are more than the industrial consumers in the city. The work of recovery and preventing the loss is particularly very tedious and needs use of power due to the Muslim dominated areas in the city. The erstwhile Division has endeavored to prevent the loss at the rate of 5 percent per year. The erstwhile Division was on the top by making recovery of Rs 331 L in July, Rs 339 L in August, Rs 320 L in October, Rs 308 L in November, Rs 257 L in September, Rs 274 L in January, Rs 249 L in Feb and Rs 258 L in March. Shri Pandey said that the Western Division has made the recovery of 104 percent to the tune of Rs 6721.73 L from April 08 to March 09, South Division made the recovery of 103 percent to the tune of Rs 4324.77 L, North Division made the recovery of 102.01 percent to the tune of Rs 3221.68 L during the given period and thus maintained top position for Jabalpur City Division in making recovery.

Year East Division West Division North Division South Division
April 07 to March 08 3139.82 L 99.34% 6077.64 L 100.23% 3838.62 L 99.94% 2868.43 L 99.77%
April 08 to March 09 3515.32 L 106.81% 6721.64 L 104.34% 4324.77 L 103.70% 3231.68 L 102.01%

The Look Hindi Monthly – July, 2009 Page No.36

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