The Waste will be converted into compost from 15th August

14 Jul

How ‘useful’ is waste

The scenario of Kanpur city, which is infamous for pollution in the world, is going to change. The city is going to get rid of the waste. The compost from the garbage under Solid Waste Management Plan is going start from 15th August. On the other hand, Dr Anuradha a resident of MID, Panki has succeeded in manufacturing card board from Cow dung. The material for interior decorating is also proposed to be made from the waste with the name of RDF. A2Z Infrastructure has purchased land at Panki in the city for setting up plant to generate electricity from the waste.

The Waste will be converted into compost from 15th August

Official correspondent


Under JNNURM’s solid waste management, a plant for converting waste into fertilizer is ready to commence in a joint venture of A2Z Infrastructure and Municipal Corporation. The plant will start working to produce compost from waste from 15th August. The plant will also produce RDF that can be used as a fuel.

While informing about this one of its kind unique plan in the city, Mr R Vikram Singh the Municipal Commissioner, Mr Amit Kumar Agrawal the CEO of A2Z infrastructure, Mr Rajnish Mehra Joint MD and CEO of the company, said that the plant located at Panki will dispose of 1700 MT waste generated per day in the city. This type of plant is already working in Indore, Madhya Pradesh and Patna, the capital of Bihar. The problem of waste disposal is solved now in these cities. They informed that the compost ‘Vasundhara’ made from waste is being used by all government companies including Indian Fertilizer Corporation (IFC) and KRIBHKO. The cost of setting up the plant is Rs 100 Crore. The land for the plant was given by Municipality. The plant will be inaugurated on 15th August.

Fuel and Interior Decorating Items also to be made

Not only the fertilizer but fuel also will be produced from the waste. The name of this fuel is RDF. There will no pollution in burning this fuel. This RDF can be used as alternative to coal. The decorating items like false ceiling, beading items as well as many other decorating items can be made from the waste.

The bricks will be made from Waste

A plant has been set up to give a new look to even the waste. It is informed that the city produces 200 MT concrete waste every day which can be converted into molded bricks. It is good looking. Stronger than bricks made from soil. Brick production will start from this month.

Door-to-Door wastes collection

A2Z infrastructure will start collecting waste in the city from 15th August.  For this purpose, door to door waste collection will be done. The company is deploying 1500 employees for this purpose. Each employee will collect the waste from 400 houses. The company has also arranged vehicles for transporting the waste.

Paper to be made from Cow dung

Kanpur: Dr Anuradha of MID Panki has made card board from cow dung. After obtaining doctorate degree from Andhra University in Economics of Education, Dr. Anuradha said that cow dung has fiber and it is used with chemicals and other materials to make paper.

15000 Unit Electricity Per Hour To Be generated From Waste

A2Z Infrastructure has procured land in Panki for setting up plant to generate electricity from waste and machines are being installed there. If everything moves at this speed, the company claims that 15 MW (Fifteen thousand units) electricity will be generated per day from 31st March 2011. After this, the capacity of power generation from this very plant will be enhanced to 30 MW within a year.

The CEO of the company, Amit Kumar agrawal while talking to reporters, informed that the company has procured land in Panki separately for this purpose. The plant will generate 15 MW electricity in the beginning. RDF made from waste will be used as fuel to generate electricity. 200 MT RDF will be consumed daily. He also informed that the electricity produced from the plant will be supplied to Northern Grid. Fifteen thousand units electricity will be generated per hour which is sufficient to provide electricity to one lakh households. On the question raised by ‘The Hindustan’, it was informed that the capacity expansion of the plant is on the pipeline. There is enough availability of the waste, so there will be no dearth of fuel RDF which is used in generating electricity. The plant is likely to generate 30 MW electricity by the year 2012. The company will start using even the liquid waste for making compost and other items in near future.

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