A2Z Infrastructure will set-up the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste Management at Kanpur

13 Aug

With an eye on protection of the environment and effective management and disposal of the solid waste, Kanpur Municipal Corporation, has allotted an integrated project to A2Z Infrastructure. A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd – a subsidiary of A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services Ltd – will set-up the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste management for Kanpur city through this mandate. Kanpur Municipal Corporation had earlier in June 2008, given mandate to A2Z for processing and disposal of solid waste. Now this mandate has been extended for collection and transport also.

In a joint press conference organised by the company and the Kanpur Municipal Corporation the Company announced that it was going to set-up an integrated solid waste to power project at Kanpur – the first of its kind in India. Good part of the energy to be consumed by the plant would be obtained from RDF – Refused Derived Fuel. It is expected that the power plant will be operative by March 2011 and the plant will have capacity to produce 15 MW of Energy. The company has plans to sell this electricity to the state, as well as, on commercial basis. The company suggests that the electricity produced will be indigenous and the technology to be used for RDF is organic in nature. RDF is the best substitute for coal and it produces less pollution than the coal.

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