7 Jun






Waste Management Scheme released from paper

7 Jun

Inspection: Town Health Officers inspected the plant.

Kanpur:- Jagran correspondent

The work on Rs 56 Crore solid waste Management scheme (for dumping of the garbage) has been started, which was moving on papers for 2 years. A high wall is being constructed around a dumping ground built in 46 hectors Bhausingh Panki. The city health officer Mr. N.K. Tiwary said that the responsibility of the project is given to C&DS institution of the water board. From picking up the garbage to dumping process is included in it. It is to be completed by 2009. Currently, the town corporation is dumping the garbage. He inspected the site along with additional town health officer Mr. Pankaj Srivastava. The town health officer said that the high density polythene will be laid after the wall is constructed. To save the under-ground water from pollution the dirty water will be drained out through a centrally laid out pipe. The van will dump the garbage inside it from one side. After a certain height, six inch thick layer of white earth will be laid down. After filling the ground, the plantation will be done here or a  colony will be constructed. Between the ground and the road plantation will be done for a distance of 50 meters

Water Board will be completed the project by 2009.

Plantation will be done around he ground.

Solid waste project to beautify the city

7 Jun

Shah Times correspondent

Muzaffarnagar. A Solid waste Project has been started to make the city clean and beautiful, which will prevent pollution of the environment of the nearby areas, and the scheme of manufacturing compost manure through transplant plan will be implemented by collecting rubbish materials.

A2Z company’s Atul Vashisth and Project Manager Mr. Shivraj Singh said about Solid waste management plan situated at Kidwainagar that about 94% municipal waste gets dumped and by this the risk of polluting the environment remains. Not only that, the energy that can be produced from this solid waste that is also not produced. In so far as plastic that can be used that also cannot be used.

The India government wants to prevent this natural loss by its JNURM programme.

He informed that the work has been largely completed and it will be inaugurated by state’s development minister in the month of June. He told that the municipality, A2Z company and CNDF are jointly doing this work. He said that this scheme has received consent for Rs 8.49 crore. In this scheme integrated processing plant and scientific land-fill is to be established.

He said that about 90 % construction work has been completed and major machinery for the plant are also ready. Municipal chairman Kapil Dev Aggarwal inspected this plant and while discussing with officers he said that this scheme will not only be helpful in keeping the city clean but also be a source of employment for unemployed. After this the chairman also inspected the pond of Kidwai Nagar and gave instructions for cleaning it.

The chairman also arrived at Tabalshah road situated at Kidwainagar and also gave assurance of constructing the road that has been in dilapidated condition. Executive officer Shri Narender singh Tewatia and steno Gopal Tyagi were also present during this.

Waste- A resource for the future

7 Jun

Malva Express will be cleaned every time.

7 Jun

Indore. From Monday the western railway has started the on board house keeping service in Indore – Jammutawi Malwa Express. For this service private company has been contracted. Under this service particular attention will be given to cleanliness of the toilets of reserved coaches, wash basin fixed near the doors, glass below the window, house keeping in the coach and vestibule, connecting the coaches. According to the official Railway source, Malwa Express has become the first train which has provided this facility. The company has been contracted for three years. In the train a supervisor including six cleaning personnel will be available who will manage the cleaning twice per day. From time to time Western Railway will obtain feedback from passengers for quality of cleanliness.

Only from 35 wards, 461 metric ton waste have been lifted

7 Jun

A2Z Company has suitably run the waste management plan

Indore: The Health department of Municipal Corporation prepared a comprehensive waste management plan and implementation of this plan was assigned to A2Z Company. This company has displayed a good performance by lifting 461 metric tone waste from 35 wards and discharged it on the trenching ground.

A2Z Company has been awarded the contract of waste management by the Municipal Corporation, under which the company will have to work on landfill plan. The company has been assigned the contract of converting waste into fertilizer also. According to sources, the Municipal Corporation has assigned the task of waste management from 34 wards to the company.

It is informed that 461 metric ton waste was lifted from the city and discharged on the trenching ground whereas the employees of Municipal Corporation work in total 69 wards and they hardly lift 400 metric ton waste from these wards. Based on this, according to the officials of Health Ministry, A2Z Company’s management is engaged in performing in right manner.

If the company gets all the promised resources from ADB, the company may start working in all 69 wards and it is expected that at least 700 metric ton waste will be discharged from the city, giving way to a cleaner and beautiful city. It is worth noting that all wards of Zone no. 5, 6, 7, 8 and some wards from 2, 3, 4 and 9 are mainly included in 35 wards.

If full privatization is made, the condition of sanitation will be good.

According to the sources, if full privatization of sanitation system in Health departments takes place, the sanitation condition will be in good shape because other Municipal Corporations have gone  high tech where the sanitation system has been assigned to private companies, as a result of which they look clean and beautiful. On the other hand, when the Corporation made plan of privatization, some employees through their leaders indulged into rioting and demonstrations, bringing the plan to a standstill.

It will be rejuvenation of cities’ footpaths.

7 Jun

New policy will be formed, walking track will be constructed from Collectorate Ghat to Gandhi Ghat: Modi

Patna (H.P.). New Footpath Policy is being framed to improve the condition of footpath in cities. City development department will urgently frame a policy for this. Under this policy, it will essentially be provided for construction of good looking wide footpath on the roadside. Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi said these words addressing in the programme organized after entrusting the responsibility of daily primary collection and management of solid garbage of Patna Nagar Nigam to A2Z infrastructure private limited.

Deputy Chief Minister said that construction will be started of two and half kilometer long and 20 feet wide road from Collectorate Ghat to Gandhi Ghat in Patna. Later this scheme will be extended to Gayghat.  In regard of entrusting the responsibility to private company Sh. Modi said that initially this scheme has been started in new capital zone.

While the construction will be with modern equipments for Patna’s nine major roads Belly road, Harding road, Boring Canal road, Exhibition road, Virchand Patel road, Fraser road, Ashok national highway and old Bye Pass Road. He said that no employee will be removed. For cleaning of town this scheme of collection and management of garbage will be started in Bhagalpur, Gaya, Darbhanga, and Muzaffarpur. He said that rain water harvesting scheme will be immediately implemented  for collection of rain water in cities. Polythene bags less than 20 microns will be banned. He has requested the citizens to pay one-time holding tax upto 30th of January, under this scheme 15% discount is also being given.

On this occasion Health Minister Mr. Nand Kishor Yadav said that this type of scheme should also be started in Patna city wards. In this programme MLA of Patna central Mr. Arun Kumar Sinha, Principal Secretary of city development department Mr. Deepak Kumar, Municipal Commissioner Mr. K. Senthil Kumar and Managing Director of A2Z Company Mr. Rajneesh Mehra expressed their opinion.

A dumping ground by name, a picnic spot in reality

7 Jun

A road made by splitting apart the garbage and a new machine brought for disposal of garbage.

  • A road made by splitting apart the garbage under Solid Waste Management Scheme.
  • Plants of Fertilizer, green coal, interlocking tiles and electricity are being installed.

Kanpur, Jagran correspondent:  The A2Z Company, which is dealing with the disposal of crores of metric tones of garbage lying in Panki Bhausingh under the Solid Waste Management Scheme, has started work now. Under this, a boundary wall is being constructed around the dumping ground and a road is being constructed by splitting apart the dumped garbage of 12 meter height. Moreover, there will be greenery upto 30 meter around the boundary wall.

The CNDS department of Jal Nigam is looking after the work under Solid Waste Management Scheme.  The contract for this has been awarded to the A2Z Company for 7 years. Under this, the company has started the work for constructing boundary wall around the dumping ground.  Boundary wall of four kilometer length has already been constructed whereas the work for constructing boundary wall on six hundred meter is affected as possession has not been given on that stretch.  The company looking after the work has written to KDA and Municipal Corporation for helping it to get the possession.  A road is being constructed by splitting apart the garbage.  Apart from this, machines for producing fertilizer, green coal, interlocking tiles, plastic board and electricity are also being installed.  The nodal officer of Municipal Corporation and municipal health officer Dr. L.K.Tiwari, who is looking after the work under the scheme, informed that this is the first project of its kind in the country. The Project Manager of Jal Nigam R.N. Goel and the Project Manager of the company Atul Vashisht informed that the work for constructing boundary wall and road will be completed before rainy season. Besides, garbage separation work shall also start. In this, 80 percent of garbage shall be used. Rest of the garbage shall be disposed by digging a trench in the four hectare of land in which two feet special soil shall be filled first and then one and half millimeter thick plastic shall be put and then the soil shall again be filled over it and thereafter garbage shall be dumped into it. This trench shall take about seven year to be filled completely. Thereafter, it shall be covered and developed as a park. Besides, a pleasant look of greenery will be created by planting trees and plants upto 30 feet around the boundary wall. Natural medicines will be sprayed to help the villagers of the nearby areas get rid of the flies. The Project Manager informed that the company shall be responsible for collecting garbage from the households and dumping it in the trench. Under this, an amount of Rs. 30 to 50 shall be collected from each household.  In slum areas it will be collected from only those who give it and no pressure shall be used for collecting this charge. He informed that the municipal corporation shall earn Rs. 35 crore annually from it. The company shall incur a cost of Rs. 17 crore in collecting the garbage. The municipal corporation shall make this payment. He informed that 15 percent work has already been completed.

Only drainage and road cleaning left to the municipal corporation: Only drainage and road cleaning work is left to the municipal corporation now.  The corporation, which is already dealing with ramshackle vehicles, shall get relief now.  The Municipal Health Officer Dr. L.K. Tiwari informed that the work of collecting garbage shall be started in 20 wards from the month of July. The ramshackle vehicle shall be done away with after the work of collection garbage from households starts. Besides, the garbage chambers (Kudaghar) shall also be done away with and only containers shall be put in their place.

Private companies will pick up garbage in New Capital zone.

7 Jun

Patna:- In the New Capital zone A2Z company will pick up the garbage. On Saturday, town commissioner, Mr. Senthil Kumar signed a contract with this company. At the same time, two carriages of the company were bought on Veer Chand Patel Path for trial. The town commissioner inspected it himself. From circuit house to JDU office the roads were cleaned and the garbage was loaded on the small carriers. The company’s van will pick up the garbage from nine major roads including Bailey road of New Capital zone, Fraser Road, New Dakbunglow road, Boring road, Boring canal road.

Garbage – carriages for the narrow colonies

7 Jun

In narrow colonies four carriages will work from today and proposal of 50 carriages has been kept in the budget.

Mayor, Mr. Krishna Murari Modhe handed over the keys to the drivers Sandeep, Rajesh, Manish and Kishore. These carriages will go to the narrow areas where the van of the corporation can not enter. The garbage will be dumped after pick up. The mayor Mr. Munnalal said that proposal for 50 carriages has been put in. This carriage is open but it will be closed such that garbage may not drop. The cost of carriage is Rs. 5 lakh.

Mayor has handed over the key to the driver.