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3 Acre of Land required for Disposal of Waste

14 Jul

Kanpur, Private Representative: The Municipal Corporation would require 3 acre of land per month for the disposal of 1500 metric ton solid waste produced per day in the city. This will pollute air, ground water and it will increase pollution. A2Z Company is processing and disposing off the waste through door to door collection and management of solid waste in Panki based plant under Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme sponsored by Central and State governments. The mission of the Group is to create healthy atmosphere in Kanpur and to remove environmental imbalance by encouraging plantation. The Chief of the Group, Shri Amit Mittal said that our aim is to have clean atmosphere and healthy people.

Solid waste project to beautify the city

7 Jun

Shah Times correspondent

Muzaffarnagar. A Solid waste Project has been started to make the city clean and beautiful, which will prevent pollution of the environment of the nearby areas, and the scheme of manufacturing compost manure through transplant plan will be implemented by collecting rubbish materials.

A2Z company’s Atul Vashisth and Project Manager Mr. Shivraj Singh said about Solid waste management plan situated at Kidwainagar that about 94% municipal waste gets dumped and by this the risk of polluting the environment remains. Not only that, the energy that can be produced from this solid waste that is also not produced. In so far as plastic that can be used that also cannot be used.

The India government wants to prevent this natural loss by its JNURM programme.

He informed that the work has been largely completed and it will be inaugurated by state’s development minister in the month of June. He told that the municipality, A2Z company and CNDF are jointly doing this work. He said that this scheme has received consent for Rs 8.49 crore. In this scheme integrated processing plant and scientific land-fill is to be established.

He said that about 90 % construction work has been completed and major machinery for the plant are also ready. Municipal chairman Kapil Dev Aggarwal inspected this plant and while discussing with officers he said that this scheme will not only be helpful in keeping the city clean but also be a source of employment for unemployed. After this the chairman also inspected the pond of Kidwai Nagar and gave instructions for cleaning it.

The chairman also arrived at Tabalshah road situated at Kidwainagar and also gave assurance of constructing the road that has been in dilapidated condition. Executive officer Shri Narender singh Tewatia and steno Gopal Tyagi were also present during this.