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Plant and Enjoy Clean Air and Water

13 Aug

On the Environment Day on Saturday, many functions were organized across the city, to discuss increasing pollution. It was told that in this scientific era industrial progress, weapon rivalry and sound have polluted the Environment. To make Earth green is very important to free the environment from pollution. Along with it, oath to cleanse the sacred Ganga was taken by dozens of leaders.

On the Environment Day Merchant Chamber and Panchayat Raj Seva Parishad, became active, wherein, Leaders of the villages on the bank of river Ganga, Priests, Fishermen and Divers took part. National organizer of water community Arun Tiwari told that Vedas and Scriptures also give a message for keeping Earth green. To cleanse Ganga, mineral water culture should go. Astrologer Ramesh Chintak, Keshav Panda, Kirthi Shankar Avasthi, Aravinda Tripati were felicitated. Singers spread the awareness of Environment through songs. Deputy Director of Panchayati Raj, Ramachndra thanked one and all. District Children Welfare committee organized a rally propagating message of Environmental safety.

Here, Haribhahu Khandekar, Bolanath Shukla, Girdhar Lal Maheshwari, Mohit Barua, Dharmendra Roy and others were present. Govindanagar Vidhanasabha Constituency Congress workers planted 51 plants in ward-6. Legislators Anab Kapur, Kamal Yadav, Ambuj Shukla, Shyam Gupta, Jayaprakash, Dara Singh, Soni Valmiki and others were present. In Kanpur Workers’ Union function Arvind Raj Swaroop, Omprakash Anand, Ramprasad Kanaujiya, Neeraj Yadav and others were present. In Hanumanth Bihar Naubasth, Jan Vikas Parishad organized a seminar on ‘Importance of Environment in Human Life’. D.N. Malviya, K.P. Tiwari, Shailendra Dwivedi, Usha Kiran Singh, Lalit Srivatsav were there.

And in Sarvodaya Nagar workers’ office 101 trees were planted. Worker Sitaram Meena, and Worker Pankaj Kumar, Pradeep Shreevatsav, Sriram Singh, and Damodar Singh, Chandramani Lal Maurya, Rakesh Kumar and others invited to plant trees in every house. In the seminar on environment, it was told that gas released by generator, TV, fridge, AC, are damaging Ozone layer. It is very important to stop this. Shrikrishna Dixit, Pramod Pandey, Madhuri Shukla, Vivek Mitra and others were present. Employees of City Development Committee planted trees in the parks of southern area.

President Bhupesh Avasthi, Sarvesh Dube told that it is necessary to plant trees in the parks. Plants were also planted in Commercial tax offices. Additional Commissioner Eshwari Prasad, S.P. Varma, B.D. Dwivedi, Shyamnarayan Shukla, Devarshi Dube, Vinod Dixit and others planted trees. NCC Cadets, by taking out a rally from Phoolbhag to Sarasaiyya Ghat, created awareness of Environment. Cadets invited to clear pollution in River Ganga. On behalf of KDA trees were planted in Village poor people housing scheme. Vice President Ramaswarup, Legislator Shakuntala Gautam, Chief Engineer S.P.S. Raghav, Dharmapal, C.P. Tripati, and S.C. Varma were present.

In the seminar organized by Social Service Department, people were advised to plant trees. V.K. Tiwari, ashok Singh Patel, Dhaneerao Boudh, Gorakh Prasad, D. Malik and others of Pollution Control Board addressed the seminar. After planting trees in the existing Tulasivan of Motijheel, the City Commissioner R. Vikram Singh, told to make the city green. A2Z Infrastructure Private Company organized the programme. Here, on behalf of A2Z Infrastructure Joint Managing Director Rajneesh Mehra, Amit Agarwal, CEO, K.S.V. Nayar and others planted trees.

Minimum 5 trees will be planted in each ward

13 Aug

Resolution of City Corporation on The Environment Day

NCC Cadets taking out an awareness rally on The Environment Day and Bharatiya Dalit Panther President Dhanirao Baudh and RSP President Chowdhary Ziaul Islam, planting trees.

Kanpur, 5 June:

To make the city pollution free, today on the occasion of The Environment day, in Tulasi Upavan, Motijheel, Kanpur City Commissioner R. Vikram Singh appealed to the people to render special efforts to protect environment by planting trees,.

Today, he flagged off by showing the green flag to the mini trucks of pollution eradicating company A2Z Infrastructure for  the puirpose of distributing plants for tree plantation in all 110 wards,.

Through this company and eeforts of the city Corporation, tree planting work will be carried out, wherein minimum 5 trees will be planted in each ward. Dr Rajnish Mehra of the company siad that National Urban Health Policies are framed to make Indian Cities and towns, healthy with good environment and livable. In the 11th Five Year Plan, it is intended to make Cities hundred percent clean.

By making people aware through tree plantation by A2Z mini trucks, a programme of question and answer pertaining to Environment will also be organized, and prizes will be distributed to the persons who give correct answer. On this occasiio all the employees of the company and City Corporation were present. On the other hand, Environment related many different programmes were organized by various organizations, wherein Panchayat Raj Seva Parishad, Kanpur (UP), conducted one day zonal workshop on ‘Save Ganga’ and water conservation with Leaders, Priests, Boatmen, Fishermen and Divers, where it was decided to take care of conservation of rivers, lakes and ponds. On the eoccasion of World Environment Day, planting a Neem tree in Jawahar Nagar, a seminar was organized through Environment Protection Agency and Vishwa Bharati Development Agency. By planting a Tulsi plant, Dr. Hemanth Mohan inaugurated the seminar. Talking in the seminar, the seminar President Krishna Dixit (BadeJi) told that by celebrating Environment day all over the world,  people will take oath to stop pollution on this Environment Day, but the way the enviroment is polluted, it is necessary to observe Environment Day, every day.

Yogacharya Jyoti Baba of Yog Jyoti India, presented the play “Pranayama Kelkahoi” and hailed Environmental protection and awareness amongst people. On this Environment day, a seminar on Environment was organized by Merchant Chamber.

Dhaniram Baudh of Bharatiya Dalit Panther and National President of Rashtriya Samajwadi Party Chodhary Ziaul Islam, organized a seminar in Makarrabatganj Settlement Park, by planting a tree, where, tips to save environment were shared. On the occasion of Environment day organized by Social welfare Department, Dhaniram Baudh honored the famous social worker and Parashuram Foundation President Shri B.N. Sharma, by giving a cheque for `11,000.