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A2Z Infrastructure to set-up the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste management Plant at Kanpur

13 Aug

With a view to protect the environment and effective disposal of the solid waste, Kanpur Municipal Corporation has allotted this integrated project to A2Z Infrastructure. Under this mandate A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd – a subsidiary of A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services Ltd –  will set-up  the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste management for  Kanpur city. Earlier in June 2008, Kanpur Municipal Corporation had given mandate to A2Z for processing and disposal of solid waste. Now this mandate has been extended for collection and transport also.

In a joint press conference organised by the company and the Kanpur Municipal Corporation it was announced by the company that it was setting up the first of its kind in India, an integrated solid waste to power project at Kanpur.  The energy to be consumed by the plant will be obtained from RDF – Refused Derived Fuel. It is expected that the power plant will be operative by March 2011 and it will have a capacity to produce 15 Mega Watt of Energy.

Garbage removal trial from 1st August.

13 Aug

From the 1st August, in one zone (12-14 ward) of city of Kanpur, door-to-door garbage collection will be started. By 15th of august this system will be implemented in the entire city. A2Z Infrastructure Private Limited will collect fees from the houses and shops and exchange it with City Corporation towards expenses for vehicles and other things.

With the start of this project, Garbage Management bill amount will be halved for the City Corporation. A2Z Project Head K.S.V. Nayar told that in due course, it is will be attempted to gradually make it zero.

Under JNNURM, at Panaki BhauSingh he told the newspaper correspondents that, in this plot of 46 acres of the Waste Management construction site, not a single drop of water will be wasted. Rain water will also be recycled and used to make manure. Survey will be carried out for door-to-door waste collection. Vehicles are being bought.

Under the new system, 1500 tons of garbage generated by the city will be segregated into different categories. Out of this, 40% will be used for fuel and electricity, 15% for manure, 5% for plastic manufacture and five to 10 percent will be used for bricks and tiles making. Remaining wastage mixed with earth will be buried in the ground.

Magic in Panaki, garbage will vanish.

13 Aug

Within hours of reaching dumping ground, garbage will become Fertilizer, Tiles and Green Coal.

Kanpur, Jagaran Correspondent: It is a matter of two to three months, before dirt and waste will vanish from homes and the city. It will vanish within a few hours of collecting garbage from homes. This is possible, due to waste management scheme of the center. In this scheme, A2Z Company from NOIDA has started manufacturing manure from garbage, at Bhausingh Panaki dumping ground.

On Saturday, Chief Operating Officer of A2Z company, K.S.V. Nair, while showing the work in progress at dumping yard, has told that the garbage coming from homes shall be first segregated into different categories by machine. In this, waste, muck and metal will be picked up separately and made into different groups. Waste is being turned into manure. He demonstrated how the manure is manufactured in the plant.

Work to make brick out of muck will start soon In the dumping ground. Machines have been installed for this purpose. The company has put up a laboratory to inspect the manure. Mr. Nair tells that, test will be carried out here daily for other materials in the manure. The Company is also working on making Green Coal and plastic boards out of pan masala pouches. Machines have been installed for this purpose. He informed that from August 15, door-to-door garbage collection will start. On test case basis door-to-door garbage collecting will be done during the month of July.

We will make Parks Green

People have decided to eliminate pathetic conditions of parks and make them green. In Ward-6 under the leadership of Kamal Yadav, people started Environment Day by planting 51 trees in the area of the park. It was inaugurated by Legislator Ajay Kapoor. Ambuj Shukla, Shyam Gupta, Mahendra Singh were present.

A2Z Infrastructure’s Garbage based Power plant, by March.

13 Aug

Kolkata: A2Z Infrastructures has announced Country’s first ever City Corporation Waste Management Plant. In this plant, there is provision for electricity generation too. It is told about this plant that whatever fuel needed to run the plant, will be mostly garbage based. This fuel known as RDF is known as a better alternative to coal. Plant will be ready by next year March. Then the electricity production will also take place there. It is informed that the electricity generation capacity will be 15 MW for this plant, which is being installed for the first time for disposal of garbage produced within the municipal corporation limits of Kanpur. A2Z will sell this electricity to state government. In this scheme of the company, the chances of cleanliness in Kanpur corporation limits will also be greatly enhanced.  Corporation Municipal Commissioner R. Vikram Singh told that by next year city cleanliness status will be far better. It is worth noting that Kanpur city is accepted as one of the top 10 clean cities of the country by Government of India.

Farmers will get freedom from chemical fertilizers.

13 Aug

Kanpur City Corporation will use 1500 metric tons of garbage to make manure. By this, not only garbage disposal problem is reduced but farmers will also be freed from chemical fertilizers. To implement this officially, a meeting headed by City Commissioner R. Vikram Singh took place, in which apart from City Commissioner, other prominent persons were R.N. Goyal of PMC&DS Water Corporation and Rajneesh Mehra and Amit Agarwal, CEO of Water Harvester.

Minimum 5 trees will be planted in each ward

13 Aug

Resolution of City Corporation on The Environment Day

NCC Cadets taking out an awareness rally on The Environment Day and Bharatiya Dalit Panther President Dhanirao Baudh and RSP President Chowdhary Ziaul Islam, planting trees.

Kanpur, 5 June:

To make the city pollution free, today on the occasion of The Environment day, in Tulasi Upavan, Motijheel, Kanpur City Commissioner R. Vikram Singh appealed to the people to render special efforts to protect environment by planting trees,.

Today, he flagged off by showing the green flag to the mini trucks of pollution eradicating company A2Z Infrastructure for  the puirpose of distributing plants for tree plantation in all 110 wards,.

Through this company and eeforts of the city Corporation, tree planting work will be carried out, wherein minimum 5 trees will be planted in each ward. Dr Rajnish Mehra of the company siad that National Urban Health Policies are framed to make Indian Cities and towns, healthy with good environment and livable. In the 11th Five Year Plan, it is intended to make Cities hundred percent clean.

By making people aware through tree plantation by A2Z mini trucks, a programme of question and answer pertaining to Environment will also be organized, and prizes will be distributed to the persons who give correct answer. On this occasiio all the employees of the company and City Corporation were present. On the other hand, Environment related many different programmes were organized by various organizations, wherein Panchayat Raj Seva Parishad, Kanpur (UP), conducted one day zonal workshop on ‘Save Ganga’ and water conservation with Leaders, Priests, Boatmen, Fishermen and Divers, where it was decided to take care of conservation of rivers, lakes and ponds. On the eoccasion of World Environment Day, planting a Neem tree in Jawahar Nagar, a seminar was organized through Environment Protection Agency and Vishwa Bharati Development Agency. By planting a Tulsi plant, Dr. Hemanth Mohan inaugurated the seminar. Talking in the seminar, the seminar President Krishna Dixit (BadeJi) told that by celebrating Environment day all over the world,  people will take oath to stop pollution on this Environment Day, but the way the enviroment is polluted, it is necessary to observe Environment Day, every day.

Yogacharya Jyoti Baba of Yog Jyoti India, presented the play “Pranayama Kelkahoi” and hailed Environmental protection and awareness amongst people. On this Environment day, a seminar on Environment was organized by Merchant Chamber.

Dhaniram Baudh of Bharatiya Dalit Panther and National President of Rashtriya Samajwadi Party Chodhary Ziaul Islam, organized a seminar in Makarrabatganj Settlement Park, by planting a tree, where, tips to save environment were shared. On the occasion of Environment day organized by Social welfare Department, Dhaniram Baudh honored the famous social worker and Parashuram Foundation President Shri B.N. Sharma, by giving a cheque for `11,000.

A2Z plans 500-Mw power plant for municipal waste

13 Aug

Disposal of plastics that is turning Earth barren

14 Jul

Kanpur, (SNB) Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh will relieve the city from garbage. Not only that, the waste will also be used for making compost, electricity, bricks, tiles, and RDF fuel – an alternative of coal. The plastic which is turning  our earth into barren land will also be utilized by melting it. This information was provided by Shri Rajnish Mehra, Joint Managing Director and CEO of A2Z Infrastructure while talking in a press conference on Friday. The main points of the information given by him are as under-

Manure being produced from Waste

The city accumulates 1500 MT of waste every day. Even 1 ton of waste lying at any place can produce 35 cubic meter of methane gas after decaying. Waste is being used for making compost in Integrated Solid Waste management Plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh.

Waste will generate 15 MW Electricity

The accumulated waste from the city will be used for making RDF fuel, an alternative of coal, by Integrated Solid Waste Management Plant. 15 MW electricity will be generated daily from 350 ton  RDF. This plant will be set up at Panki Bhaosinh by 31st March 2011.

Molded brick to be made from Waste within 20 days

The city produces 200 MT brick and stone waste. To dispose off this waste, remolded bricks as well as tiles will be made from it. The machinery for this purpose has been procured and reached the site and the work of making brick and tiles will start within 20 days.

Relief from Plastic

A unit is being set up in Panki Bhaosingh for disposal of pouches of Pan-Masala and Gutkha and plastic waste. The pouches and plastics will be recycled and used. The plant is likely to commission by 15th August.

Collection of door to door waste will start from 15th August

Collection of door to door waste will start from 15th August. The waste left outside the households will be brought to the plant installed at Panki Bhaosingh. This waste will be utilized by recycling it.

Ray of Hope

14 Jul

Kanpur (June, 4): Country’s first solid waste power project is going to be setup in the city that is facing power crisis. The Municipal Corporation has entrusted the responsibility of Asia’s largest integrated municipal solid waste management project to A2Z Maintenance & Engineering Services Limited.

Company’s representative Vartika Jain stated on Friday that effluent refuse and garbage is converted into many valuable items in the plant. 150 tons compost manure is being produced from solid waste which is being sold under name of Vasundhara in the market. Municipal Commissioner R Vikram Singh while expressing happiness at this, revealed that Ministry of Urban Development has ranked the city at 10th position in the matter of sanitation and cleanliness. Our best efforts are to keep the city even cleaner so that our city may be ranked first. The city can be turned clean and green with concerted efforts from one and all. He further told that company will produce electricity from derived fuel from refused solid waste.

  • Country’s first solid waste to power project in Kanpur.
  • 15 MW electricity will be generated using refuse derived fuel.


14 Jul

Madhya Pradesh

2300 Meters installed and review is under progress

  • The first Indian electricity company;
  • Bagged contract for Hundreds of Crore rupees;
  • Monitoring through Computer Lab;
  • No possibility of tampering with meters;
  • Doing away with botheration of taking monthly reading of meters.

With the aim of tightening the noose over the big power consumers through remote metering, Shri Pankaj Agrawal, then CMD of Eastern region Power Distributing Company assigned two plans coded as D -14 and D-12 to the A2Z Company which had claimed that it would increase the revenue earning of the distributing company to the tune of crores of rupees by checking electricity loss up to 6 percent in 19 circles under Jabalpur, Sagar, Reeva regions, due to which the company bagged the contract of hundreds of Crore rupees.

As per the terms of the tender, the distributing company will provide 15 percent amount in advance to A2Z Company for setting up plant and procuring material and the company will be given an amount of approximately Rs 55 Crore for D-12 and Rs 20 Crore for D-14. The Project Manger, Shri Rohit  Noshahri, informed ‘The Look’ that the company will install ‘Air controller Electronic Meter’ in the establishments of  heavy power consuming customers and the meter will be directly connected with the computer control lab of A2Z company. The A2Z lab will monitor the operations of customers’ meters and report the officers of the concerned district in the cases of minor tampering of the meters. At present, 2300 meters have been installed in the industry establishments in Jabalpur region, out of which 150 in Jabalpur city Mandla, 325 in Damoh, Satna 600 and 150 in Jabalpur rural areas. Before installing these meters, minor technical system including service line of consumer premise was strengthened.

According to Project Manager, Shri Rohit, Eastern region power distributing company will monitor the electricity bills of those consumers who are placed under review for 1-2 months. Though the consumers may get agitated with this activity yet power distributing company has awarded the contract to private companies after testifying their infrastructure in order to prevent revenue and transmission losses. Shri Rohit told that where the revenue loss is 60 percent in the feeders under D-12, the engineers of A2Z company are conducting survey there. The service line, construction etc items will be demarked and will be entered as an input for the software and the computer system will identify the problem, whenever it occurs.

The Project Manager also informed ‘The Look’ that A2Z Company will get rid of the botheration of recording the meter reading every month by the Distributing Company.  As the meters will be directly connected with the computer lab of the company, therefore, A2Z Company will automatically record the readings while sitting in their offices and recording will be completed within a week like telecommunication and mobile network companies.

A2Z Company is working in Jammu and Kashmir and Laddakh area. The Project Manager informed that A2Z Company which is worth of Rs 1000 Crore, has obtained order from Haryana Electricity Board also for reviewing  cases after installing 30 meters currently. In India they have emerged as the first company in the power sector which claims to have reduced the distribution and transmission losses of electricity.  A2Z Company is installing the meters after testing them in a testing centre established in Gujarat and through a testing lab of Eastern region power distributing company. Meters are installed outside the premises of the establishments. Shri Rohit while informing ‘The Look’, said that A2Z is endeavoring itself to lay the meter armed cable. The distributing company will procure the same on the requirement of the company and A2Z Company will get the payment only after the clearance certificates are received from the Field Officers.

A2Z is reviewing in the following areas

Jabalpur East               Panda ki Madhiya                   Bhooteshwar – 2

Ghamapur                   Jabalpur South                                    Kakaganj

Dwarkanagar               Tilwara                                    Shastrichowk

Footatal                       Kalimath                                 Gopalganj

Omati                          Bajriya                                     Katra

Hanumantal                 Pipriya                                     Civil Line

Premsagar                    Thakurgram                             Satna City

Pasiyana                      Amkhera                                 South

Bahorgagh                   Jabalpur North                                    Najeerabad

Chandni Chowk          Adhartal – T                            North

Sadar                           Ranjhi Bazar                           Tikuriya Tola

Hathital                       Bajrang Nagar                        City – 1

Gorakhpur                   Sagar city                                City – 2

Jabalpur West              City 1                                      Emergency

Okhari – 4                    Sadar                                       Krishna Nagar

Right Town                 Dharamshri                              Bagha

Look Hindi Monthly – August 2009 Page No. 24