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A2Z Infrastructure to set-up the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste management Plant at Kanpur

13 Aug

With a view to protect the environment and effective disposal of the solid waste, Kanpur Municipal Corporation has allotted this integrated project to A2Z Infrastructure. Under this mandate A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd – a subsidiary of A2Z Maintenance and Engineering Services Ltd –  will set-up  the largest integrated project in Asia for Municipal Solid Waste management for  Kanpur city. Earlier in June 2008, Kanpur Municipal Corporation had given mandate to A2Z for processing and disposal of solid waste. Now this mandate has been extended for collection and transport also.

In a joint press conference organised by the company and the Kanpur Municipal Corporation it was announced by the company that it was setting up the first of its kind in India, an integrated solid waste to power project at Kanpur.  The energy to be consumed by the plant will be obtained from RDF – Refused Derived Fuel. It is expected that the power plant will be operative by March 2011 and it will have a capacity to produce 15 Mega Watt of Energy.

Magic in Panaki, garbage will vanish.

13 Aug

Within hours of reaching dumping ground, garbage will become Fertilizer, Tiles and Green Coal.

Kanpur, Jagaran Correspondent: It is a matter of two to three months, before dirt and waste will vanish from homes and the city. It will vanish within a few hours of collecting garbage from homes. This is possible, due to waste management scheme of the center. In this scheme, A2Z Company from NOIDA has started manufacturing manure from garbage, at Bhausingh Panaki dumping ground.

On Saturday, Chief Operating Officer of A2Z company, K.S.V. Nair, while showing the work in progress at dumping yard, has told that the garbage coming from homes shall be first segregated into different categories by machine. In this, waste, muck and metal will be picked up separately and made into different groups. Waste is being turned into manure. He demonstrated how the manure is manufactured in the plant.

Work to make brick out of muck will start soon In the dumping ground. Machines have been installed for this purpose. The company has put up a laboratory to inspect the manure. Mr. Nair tells that, test will be carried out here daily for other materials in the manure. The Company is also working on making Green Coal and plastic boards out of pan masala pouches. Machines have been installed for this purpose. He informed that from August 15, door-to-door garbage collection will start. On test case basis door-to-door garbage collecting will be done during the month of July.

We will make Parks Green

People have decided to eliminate pathetic conditions of parks and make them green. In Ward-6 under the leadership of Kamal Yadav, people started Environment Day by planting 51 trees in the area of the park. It was inaugurated by Legislator Ajay Kapoor. Ambuj Shukla, Shyam Gupta, Mahendra Singh were present.

Farmers will get freedom from chemical fertilizers.

13 Aug

Kanpur City Corporation will use 1500 metric tons of garbage to make manure. By this, not only garbage disposal problem is reduced but farmers will also be freed from chemical fertilizers. To implement this officially, a meeting headed by City Commissioner R. Vikram Singh took place, in which apart from City Commissioner, other prominent persons were R.N. Goyal of PMC&DS Water Corporation and Rajneesh Mehra and Amit Agarwal, CEO of Water Harvester.

A2Z plans 500-Mw power plant for municipal waste

13 Aug

3 Acre of Land required for Disposal of Waste

14 Jul

Kanpur, Private Representative: The Municipal Corporation would require 3 acre of land per month for the disposal of 1500 metric ton solid waste produced per day in the city. This will pollute air, ground water and it will increase pollution. A2Z Company is processing and disposing off the waste through door to door collection and management of solid waste in Panki based plant under Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme sponsored by Central and State governments. The mission of the Group is to create healthy atmosphere in Kanpur and to remove environmental imbalance by encouraging plantation. The Chief of the Group, Shri Amit Mittal said that our aim is to have clean atmosphere and healthy people.

Door to Door Garbage Collection from 15th August

14 Jul

Kanpur: from Independence Day you will be relieved from the tension of removing garbage from your house. Door to Door garbage collection service will start functioning from this day. Production of coal from waste has been started in Solid Waste Management plant based at Panki Bhao Singh. 15,000 units of electricity will be generated per hour in this Power Plant. Construction will begin from the next month for the plant to produce plastic, bricks and tiles.

This was said by the Municipal Commissioner, Shri R. Vikram Singh and CEO of A2Z Company, Shri Amit Agrawal on Friday. They informed the reporters that the bio-compost was being produced since last year from Solid Waste Management Project under JNNURM. The CEO of the company that is setting up this plant – A2Z Infrastructure Private Limited – Shri Amit Agrawal, The Project head, Shri KVS Nair and the Project Manager of Construction Unit C&DS Water Corporation, Shri R.N. Goel claimed that this compost will enhance the fertility of the land which has been reduced by the chemical fertilizers. Whereas, the refuse derived fuel can be used as alternative to coal. It is cheaper than coal, whereas, the heating capacity is higher than coal. The earthquake resistant bricks and tiles will also be produced from this garbage. The plastic waste will be used for making plastic granules and plastic laminates, for which the machines will be installed by the end of August. 25 Acre of land has been separately purchased for the 15 MW power plant. The construction work of the plant will start within 10-15 days. Efforts are being made to generate electricity from the power plant by 31st March next year.

Hello! Good Morning, have any waste?

25 Jun

A Private company started garbage lifting from ward no. 1 to 9 of the Nutan Rajdhani Anchal area
Rakesh Dhari, Patna

Call bell rings on Saturday morning. As the door is opened, a boy wearing green shirt with yellow colour border, black pant and mud colored shoes is noticed standing outside. Seeing the Landlady of the house the young boy politely says, “Hello! Good morning, waste please”. For a moment it is not believed. The mistress is surprised for a few seconds. Today morning the people of the capital heard and saw which they had not even imagined. The people handed over the garbage of their houses to the young boy. People were in for surprise when the boy said “Thank You” after collecting garbage from their hands.  Their eyes continued to remain glued to the young man who was carrying the garbage.

The resident of Arrah garden road Mrs. Sinha, ran to her bedroom and gave this information to her husband Mr. Ashok Sinha who was sipping tea there. Mr. Sinha came out of the house without worrying about the cold and quickly ran towards the young man who was carrying garbage. After reaching the young man he enquired “Who are you guys?” After greeting him the young man introduced himself, “I work for A2Z Infrastructure Pvt Ltd Company. The municipal corporation has entrusted this company for cleaning the city. We also expect cooperation from you.” Assuring the young man of his full cooperation, Mr. Sinha returned to his home thinking something. Discussions started in the house. This event gave a pleasant surprise to all the residents of the ward no. 1 to 9 of the new capital circle area.